Classes & Groups

A Place For You

We have a desire and a command to minister to every creature, that includes all ages. There is a class or group for everyone at High Plains Baptist Church.

Young Adults

This young adult ministry is designed to help strengthen your faith in Jesus Christ. In depth Bible study is a regular part of this ministry. Our heart is to encourage spiritual growth and maturity during this critical time of life!


This  adult ministry is designed to help strengthen your faith in Jesus Christ while also strengthening the bonds of marriage and your home. You and your spouse will share experiences, learning, and worship that will help you grow spirtitually and discover God's will for your family.


We believe that the Word of God is the key to helping a young person live a life that is pleasing to God. We strive to teach them the principles of God's Word in a way that will help them to apply these principles to the real struggles that they are currently facing and the ones they will face in the future as they mature into young adults.

We also encourage young people to get involved in the ministries of the church so that they may have the opportunity to put the principles they have learned into practice as they minister to others.There are regular youth activities planned so that young people have the chance to fellowship together and enjoy building strong relationships with one another.


The children's ministries at HPBC are designed to communicate the great truths of the Bible in an exciting and age-specific way. We strive to instill a love for the Word of God into each child and work alongside parents to help them grow in their faith.


Nothing serves as so precious a reminder of God's blessing to us as the birth of a child. Every newborn baby should have the joy and privilege of being brought into a truly Christian home. It is the responsibility of the local church nursery and preschool ministry to provide all the help possible to parents as they seek to serve the Lord, bring their children to church, and teach their children to know God. With all the attention given to the physical facilities of the nursery and preschool, let us never forget the vital importance of the Christian Family.